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The Heart and Soul of our Company is bringing exculsive ideas to life.


Who We Are

Signature Weddings was started with a dream to stand out as a full-fledged & comprehensive service provider for customized wedding management.


What We Do

We take the headache out of trying to choose the best professionals, co-ordinating attendee lists, and developing an event that everyone will remember for a lifetime.

“We believe that a perfect event is a result of creative minds, flawless planning, well negotiated deals, perfect logistics and professionalism.”

Wedding Services

Most people dream and decide very young how their wedding be like. With our expertise in the field, we can make your dream wedding a reality.

Having a concept or a theme for your wedding can take your dream wedding up a notch. A concept or themed wedding would mean all things surrounding your wedding - invitation cards, decor, and the flow of events - would follow the same theme.
The decor makes for most of the grandeur or simplicity that you would want at your wedding. From bringing alive the beaches to painting a royal picture for your wedding, our wedding decor services can build whatever you want, as you want it.
To revel with music and dance in a proper celebration brings everyone together. We, at Signature Weddings, believe in having the best of entertainment at your wedding. We know how much a particular artist means to you, or that dance form, or whatever else you want at your wedding.
A great, memorable wedding largely depends on an impeccable plan, following it to the tee, and top-notch logistics. And we, at Signature Weddings, only want to design and execute your most memorable day.
Pictures and videos are little packets of memory to relive your wedding years later. We know how important they are to you. We have at our disposal some of the best wedding photographers and videographers to cater to your visual memorabilia needs.

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